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Welcome all! We’ve just opened our official website!

We ‘ve just opened our official website!!

From now on, we will introduce various stories and information of “Farm of Africa” on our website.

About our vanilla and cocoa farmers and how they are processed. We will transmit various contents related to cocoa and vanilla, such as the staff, seasonal information, our products, products of our clients, the situation of our own farm, etc.

How do cocoa and vanilla grow, who is processing them, and how are the products made? What kind of country is Uganda?

We hope that the countries where chocolate and sweets are manufactured and consumed and the countries that produce those ingredients are connected as much as possible to help a deeper understanding.

Everything you have in your hands and everything you eat is something that someone in this vast world has grown and carefully processed. Please take a look at how you got to you. There may be an unimaginable world out there.

We started Instagram a while ago, so please check it out too!!
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