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Three types of vanilla beans tastings

We usually do tastings to check the flavor and taste of vanilla and cocoa.

This time, we received a very rare Japanese vanilla, so we tasted three types: our vanilla from Uganda, Madagascar, and Japan.


First, smell the beans themselves, then make a custard cream with each vanilla and check the aroma and flavor again.


Vanilla beans were originally intended to be a milk odor remover. Nowadays, it is widely used in all confectionery and cosmetic applications.


Madagascar vanilla has a strong, distinctive vanilla flavor.

It is equally strong in custards.


Ugandan vanilla has a distinctive vanilla flavor, plus a hint of chocolate. It also has the least odor of milk when made into custard cream.


Japanese vanilla has a much different smell, like acacia honey.

It has a slightly weaker flavor than the other two, but it has a completely different characteristic.


It’s very interesting to note that different regions, varieties, and processing methods bring out different flavors of vanilla.

Be sure to try a vanilla tasting! You may discover your favorite vanilla beans.