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Product Introduction – Peeled Cocoa

We would like to introduce one of our products.


We also deal in cocoa beans, which are the raw material of chocolate.

But there is also a product in which the peels of the beans are hand-peeled in an unheated state.


That is Peeled Cocoa.

There are two kinds of peeled cocoa, one in the form of beans and one in the form of crushed nibs.


The peels are usually removed during the chocolate making process, but when roasted, the peels expand from the endosperm content and can be crushed in a machine and blown away by the wind to separate the peels from the endosperm.

However, in the raw state, the skin is attached to the endosperm, and the only way to separate each grain is with a hand knife.


The various nutrients that are deprived by heating are remaining in raw cocoa beans/nibs

That it is softer and easier to eat than a roast

The surface of the skin is full of bacteria, but the contents are sterile


These are some of the features of our Peeled Cocoa.


Our Peeled Cocoa is carefully hand peeled by Farm of Africa’s skilled staff, one by one, to avoid contact with the fungus on the skin.

See our customers’ products for examples of how they are used.

These products, such as whole Peeled Cocoa coated with chocolate, are a very tasty balance of sweet and savory.

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