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New vanilla season has started in Uganda

Uganda has twice harvest season in a year, which is rare in vanilla production areas. Due to the recent rise in vanilla price, vanilla farmers are also suffering from theft, and processors are causing quality deterioration because farmers are selling early green vanillas as immaturity due to fear of theft.

So, this season, the Minister of State for Agriculture announced the start date for buying vanilla. Waiting for maturity and harvest is very important for maintaining the quality of Ugandan vanilla.

To keep the announced date, we also started buying vanilla from registered farmers on June 15.

Of course, even under such regulations, thefts may occur or farmers illegally sell to buyers before. However, serious farmers strengthen their security, and some of them even camp on the farm to protect their vanilla at night. We purchase vanilla beans which are the product with such efforts, and will carefully process them over the next few months.


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